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Official Strength, established by Cade Cowdin, is committed to helping you conquer your fitness goals. Cade goes above and beyond to provide you with the finest guidance and support throughout your fitness adventure.


Our Fitness Programs

Off Season Basketball

Unlock your potential with our off-season basketball training, designed to elevate your game for the next season.

Off Season Football

Turn your downtime into growth time with our off-season football program, tailored to enhance your skills and stamina.

Sports Performance

Maximize your athletic prowess with our sports performance coaching, aimed at pushing your boundaries and reaching new heights.

MX & SX Training

Conquer the track with confidence through our MX & SX training, designed to improve your technique and speed.

Off Season Baseball

Step up to the plate with renewed strength and agility from our off-season baseball training, intended to boost your performance.

Rehab & Prehab

Empower your body’s resilience with our Rehab & Prehab programs, curated to fortify against injuries and expedite your recovery journey.


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